New for October 2016

We have added some amazing flavours to start the month off. Apple Pie Flavouring, your favourite bramley apples baked in the oven, add cherries or strawberries to mix it up Condensed Milk Flavouring, if you like your milk you will love this Grapefruit Flavouring, great when combined with others

4 Lovely new Flavours added

4 Lovely new Flavours added Check out the new flavours added this month Mango Custard A delicious blend of Mango and Custard Parma Violet If you loved the small disc shaped sweets you will go crazy over this Red Cherries Strawberry and Mango Milkshake A milkshake with Strawberries and Mango

Great Easter Flavours added

Great news, we have got some great new flavours available.   Maple Spiced Nuts Flavouring A delicious blend of Maple covered Spiced Almonds and Hazelnuts   Caramel Apple Flavouring Caramel Glazed Apples   Toffee Apple Flavouring Toffee Glazed Apples from the good old days   Maple Cinnamon Applesauce If you like this great Applesauce desert […]

E18 Vape

E18 Vape South Woodfords premier vape store specialising in e-Cigarettes and eLiquids from around the world. Located at Unit 1 The Galleria, 182 George Lane, London E18 1AY. Stocking Fabulous Flavours concentrates which can be purchased off the shelf. Owner Jakir Hussain said “We have a lot of customers who create their own juices, Fabulous […]

Vape Safe

When you absolutely must have the safest eliquids in town, possibly in the world. All Fabulous Flavours UK Flavourings contain: No Diacetyl No Hexanedione No Heptanedione No Pentanedione (Acetyl Propionyl) No Terpenes No Lipids No Essential Oils No Other substances that are currently identified as potential Respiratory Irritants We strive to be ahead of the […]